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We are committed to forging strategic, lasting relationships with our customers through our superior service offerings and our focus on integrity in every interaction. By partnering with UCW Logistics, our clients can focus on growing their core business knowing that we are dedicated to delivering on our promises.

- Evan Cramer
  Senior Vice President, UCW Logistics


UCW Logistics demonstrates a commitment to protecting and preserving our environment through responsible freight transportation practices. We operate in a manner that supports the earth's resources wisely and strive to partner with suppliers that promote responsible and efficient transportation methods.

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We are committed to improving the sustainability of our logistics services and freight transportation in order to support the environmental strategies of our customers.

Greening our core freight transportation and logistics services:

  • Modal shift and the development of intermodal solutions
  • Encouraging the adoption of new technology
  • The use of more efficient and responsible freight transportation methods
  • Developing a less wasteful supply chain