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Oversized and Out of Gauge

OOG Project Group is a division of UCW that organizes and executes project logistics throughout North America—specifically for oversized or out of gauge loads. Our years of experience make us well-equipped to design creative solutions for your freight that requires dimensional flexibility or does not fit within a standard truck trailer.


We are great communicators.

We know when you give us a project, you are trusting us with your relationship with your customer. You require and expect great communication to keep them informed and for us to coordinate pick-up, delivery, and safe movement. We also know that news, both good and bad, needs to be communicated quickly and problems need to be solved in a timely manner. We can give you many examples where we were able to solve problems and save money for our customers.

We are experienced project managers.

Between our management team, we have hundreds of years of project management experience. This makes us experienced and great problem solvers that understand permitting, proper equipment assignment, and travel restrictions in every state and province. As permitted by our customers, we will coordinate loading and delivery directly with site contacts. All critical project information is kept on a live-shared spreadsheet to keep everyone informed and reduce calls and emails.



We offer competitive pricing.

You are gaining increased service level with us, so, while we may not always be the lowest bid, you and your customer will be provided with the utmost service level and great communications.

We provide timely bidding.

We will normally have a bid back to you in under one hour. On more complex bids, we will normally write you back within that same hour with an expected bid completion time. We can bid any load from Hotshot to RGN to Dual Lane to 4M pounds on Goldhofer or dual land beam in addition to short term storage, packaging and rigging expenses if required.



We have access to 10,000+ RGN, Stepdecks, Flats, Dry Vans and Hotshot units.

We can handle any size project, involving Hotshots to 18-axle dual lane beams, while providing you with experienced project managers who have relationships with both UCW Transport drivers and preferred carriers to best meet your timeframe.

We can provide containers and container management.

We have partnerships at most ports with container dray carriers. We can, in a single bid, provide you pricing on both oversized loads, legal loads and container movements.  This will simplify the bidding process for you.  At your choice, you can hire carriers directly and manage these moves, or, if there are pre-pulls and storage involved in the project, we can manage those loads for you as part of the overall project at a cost of $50 per container.



We can handle transloading, storage, packaging and rigging.

We have partnerships with warehouses at most ports throughout the US and Canada and with regional riggers that can provide services including: loading/securing of export flat-racks and containers, export packaging (new and used machinery), full custom built crates/skids, moisture protection, rigging, and on-site project management.

Request a Quote Today

Please contact Dom DelGrosso, Managing Member, at 843.296.4820 for more details on OOG shipping.