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Freight Rate Negotiation

The Subtle Art of Freight Rate Negotiation

Freight agents work with shippers and carriers to arrange the transportation of freight. A big part of that process is freight rate negotiation. The ultimate goal of this negotiation is...
Customer Service

The Importance of Customer Service in the Logistics Industry

Customers are at the core of the logistics industry. They’re the reason we do what we do. As a freight management partner, we partner with our customers and walk alongside...
Freight Workers

All About Freight Brokers

Freight brokers play a significant, specialized role in the freight transportation industry, a role that involves a wide range of responsibilities. They negotiate pricing and contracts. They select safe and...
Logistics Agents

Logistics Agents: Who They Are, What They Do & How To Become One

Logistics agents, often referred to as freight agents, play a crucial role in the freight transportation industry. They wear many hats and can provide a valuable service to their customers...
Shippers and Carriers

The Relationship Between Shippers and Carriers

There are a few key players in the logistics process that ensure freight arrives on time and undamaged to the proper destination – including the shipper and carrier.  Shippers and...

The Difference Between Freight Management and Logistics Management

There’s a lot of jargon that gets tossed around in conversation when discussing the transport and shipping of goods and cargo. As a business, it’s helpful for you to understand...

Hot Shot Trucking 101

What is hot shot trucking? This alternate delivery method is an ideal resource for shipments that are too small for traditional freight carriers. This blog details what hot shot trucking is, what it looks like for potential drivers, how companies might use the service, and why UCW is the best choice to coordinate your hot shot trucking needs.

How to Choose a Logistics Partner

How do you choose the best logistics partner for your business? There are a few qualities to look for when searching for a provider. This blog will look at key elements to consider, including reputation, customer service, stability, security, and customer service offerings.

The Ultimate Guide to Freight Management

Freight management is at the heart of an efficient supply chain and delivering products where they need to be, when they need to be there. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what freight management is, why it’s important, the types of transportation used, the duties of a freight management service, and why you should consider UCW as a logistics partner.

3PLs Explained

3PLs, or third-party logistics companies are a great solution for many businesses that need assistance carrying out their fulfillment needs. Today, we will take a deep dive into what a 3PL is, how they work, the pros and cons of using a 3PL, and why you should consider UCW as a logistics partner if you are in the market to find a 3PL for your business.