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Exploring Flatbeds Loads: A Transportation Solution From UCW Logistics

By September 4, 2023January 22nd, 2024No Comments

Effective logistics isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Freight comes in every shape and size imaginable, and many shipments call for shipping methods that are both versatile and rugged. If this sounds like a common scenario for your business, a flatbed truck may be the perfect solution for your shipping needs. In this blog, we will discuss what flatbed trucks are, the benefits of using them as part of your logistics plan, and why UCW is your best choice when choosing a logistics partner for your business. 

The Rising Demand for Flatbed Trucks

Since late 2020, there has been a resurgence of flatbed trucking in the logistics and shipping industry — and for good reason. Industrial production and construction industries continue to be strong in the United States, and each relies heavily on flatbed trucks to transport essential equipment. With the housing market boom and the nationwide surge in the construction of single-family homes, there is an ever-growing need to get supplies and equipment from production locations to construction sites. Due to this increased demand, there have been more flatbed loads than available truck drivers, which has led to a strategic push in driver recruiting. The flatbed business is booming, and the need for more flatbeds — and flatbed drivers — is on the rise. 

Benefits of Flatbeds 

Flatbeds make excellent additions to any logistics fleet. Let’s review a few of the most valuable benefits that make them popular choices for freight brokers and logistics companies of all sizes.

Easier Loading & Unloading

Without the constraints of sides or a roof, flatbed trucks allow goods of any shape and size to be loaded and unloaded with ease. Thanks to the truck bed’s large, flat surface, freight can be loaded and arranged without as much hassle as a trailer truck. Once positioned on the truck, loads are secured with webbing, ropes, and tarps. This simple process enables carriers to load the freight, tie it down, and hit the road. 

Load Variety

Because there is more than one point of entry on a flatbed, they can handle and carry various products, freight, and goods that would otherwise be difficult to transport. For example, flatbeds are an excellent option when large construction equipment needs to be shipped because they can handle the equipment’s bulk and unconventional shapes and sizes. Other types of freight that you might see on a flatbed include oil and gas equipment, tires, scrap metal, recyclables, and landscaping materials. 

Heavy Loads

If you have a hefty load that requires a sturdy, reliable carrier, flatbeds are the way to go. Flatbed trucks are built to haul heavy-duty loads day in and day out. Carrying heavy freight or massive equipment is no problem. Because they can carry so much weight, flatbeds also reduce the number of trips needed to transport heavy freight or large loads from point A to point B. Since this efficiency cuts down on the time required to transport,  it can reduce shipping costs, which benefits the customer. And since it reduces the number of trucks on the road, it lowers emissions and air pollution, which benefits the environment. 

The UCW Advantage

Crafting the best logistics strategy can be tedious, time-consuming, and challenging — especially if you’re doing it on your own. When you let a world-class logistics partner handle it for you, you can avoid the stress and pressure that come from managing the process yourself. 

UCW Logistics is a 3PL that works with multiple shippers, including reliable flatbed truck shippers, to create an ideal solution for your company’s freight needs. We have an extensive network of trustworthy carriers and specialize in equipment selection for oversized loads. UCW offers transparency and visibility for our customers, we take care of claims control, and we will also find an effective solution for any specialized freight moves. We are committed to finding a customized, cost-effective logistics solution for all your business’s freight and shipping needs. 

No matter what your business may be, your success is our priority. Trust your freight to a company that prides itself on integrity and has a 95-year track record of doing business the right way. Learn more about UCW today.