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The Ultimate Guide to Transportation Management Systems: How to Streamline Your Freight Management

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Logistics is a massive industry that requires tireless, thorough management from freight management companies, 3PLs, and other logistics providers. With countless moving parts and incredibly tight deadlines, most companies are searching for reliable tools and resources to help them manage their clients’ logistics more effectively. Transportation management systems (TMS) are one of the most powerful tools many logistics and freight management businesses use to accomplish their business goals. This article will discuss what TMS systems are, how they promote effective logistics, and how UCW utilizes the most robust TMS software on the market to provide superior service for our customers. 

What is a TMS System?

A transportation management system (TMS) is a logistics platform that allows logistics and freight management companies to streamline their logistics for their customers. These platforms provide multiple tools and resources that help businesses plan, execute, manage, and track the movement of goods. Quality TMS systems can also provide visibility for day-to-day operations, trade compliance information, and logistics documentation, all of which help providers ensure that goods and freight are shipped, transported, and delivered on time. 

How TMS Systems Make Freight Management More Efficient

TMS systems improve operations for logistics and freight management companies by reducing costs, increasing visibility, and streamlining shipping and tracking processes. These benefits allow companies to work more efficiently — and efficiency is the name of the game in freight management. A well-designed TMS platform provides operational advantages that include the following:

Streamline Processes

When all of the necessary data for a freight management company is stored in one place, the entire process becomes more productive from start to finish. It takes less time to track down certain pieces of information, and once located, this information can be shared with logistics partners to create greater efficiencies. With information consolidated into a single software platform, 3PLs and freight management businesses can access the data quickly and provide better service to their clients without frustrating delays. 

In-House Data

Managing the end-to-end logistics process with one robust software platform means freight management and 3PLs can collect and use their own data in-house. Not only does having the proper data on hand save time, but it also reduces customer costs because the data takes less time to collect, and logistics providers don’t have to rely on (and pay for) outside sources to gather this information.

Improved Reporting

With a robust and comprehensive TMS system, logistics companies gain the ability to run regular reports that enable them to create the most efficient logistics plans for their customers. Having in-house data makes this process easier, faster, and more effective.

Creating Efficiencies

TMS systems allow all necessary information to live in one place, meaning that all process parts, including tracking elements, status updates, documentation, billing, payables, and process closures, can be easily accessed. This consolidation makes it much easier for freight management businesses to maintain consistency, ensure accuracy, and reduce errors throughout the logistics process.

The UCW Difference

UCW Logistics proudly uses McLeod for our TMS needs. Their comprehensive, proprietary transportation management software simplifies freight management more effectively than any other transportation management system on the market. McLeod’s robust capabilities allow us to effectively manage freight for our customers, ensuring that their products get to the intended destination on time and in excellent condition. By streamlining our processes, collecting in-house data, running reports, and creating efficient systems for our customers, our McLeod partnership elevates our services and sets us apart from other 3PLs.

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